Fine Art by Leslie Firestone

Artist Statement

As an artist I try to present to viewers my interpretations of the beauty that I see around me. I find that by really allowing myself to see the beauty of the world, that I am able to find hope and peace. I try to invoke that hope and peace in those who view my artwork as well. This world is often filled with so much suffering and so many negative experiences and images, that I want to create art that takes both me and the viewer away from that negativity, not to pretend that it doesn't exist, but instead, to counteract it.

Working with pastel I have a multitude of techniques available to allow me to express the inherant beauty which exists in the world around us. Through the use of vibrant colors and the emphasis on both shadow and texture, I want to encourage viewers to step away from the "realities" of everyday life, to see through what may be construed as ordinary or mundane, and to see that beauty can be found everywhere if we look close enough.

It's easy sometimes to get caught up in the suffering and negativity of our lives and in the lives of those around us, but I believe that we have a choice regarding the affect that the negativity has on us. We can choose to hold onto suffering by refusing to see the way the light plays off of a surface, or the intricate detail of the shadows on a wall, or the facinating texture of tree bark, or we can take these wonders in and allow them to nourish us so that we can give back in ways that ultimately lessen suffering.